About us




For 30 years, we have been close to our customers and bring them tailor-made solutions.

Every day, we innovate and contribute to their development.

For this, we act with ethics, agility, and commitment.

Three values:

> Ethic : Since law is primarily intended to govern human relationships, we place our work ethic and morals at the center of our thinking and actions.

> Agility : The adaptability of our organization, combined with a strong field knowledge of our customers’ topics, allow us to grasp and provide efficient answers to all their problems.

> Commitment : Law is a "living" subject in constant change: our team innovates and actively participates in the evolution of practices through its publications, by speaking at conferences of experts in France and abroad, and by passing on its knowledge to its customers.

Jean-Olivier D’Oria, Marie Garbutt, François Grenier, Isabelle Smith Monerville