SMITH D'ORIA develops privileged partnership? with its suppliers and service providers in accordance with the Corporate Social Responsibility. These relationships are based on the principles of the legal profession: dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity.

To this end, SMITH D'ORIA sensitizes its teams to these ethical commitments in order to ensure their respect.


Controlling environmental impacts is an essential aspect of SMITH D'ORIA's CSR policy.

In this context, the supplier or provider works to reduce his environmental impacts and to implement all the virtuous initiatives that are within his reach. The supplier or provider will give the best of his efforts to implement:

- The best standards for controlling environmental impacts (depletion of natural resources, respect for biodiversity, waste management, etc.).

- The reduction of his consumption of resources (energy, water, etc.) and the production of waste.

- An environmental management system.


SMITH D’ORIA develops an ambitious Pro Bono policy. Our team offers its skills for free at conferences and round tables led by our associates as part of our network of associations. The firm's lawyers can also engage in the defense of causes requiring non-economic involvement.

Since 2014, always in this perspective of CSR, we regularly organize art exhibitions within our premises to make painters and / or photographers known.


- Fragmented landscapes, Lionnel Bayol-Themines, Steffie Brocoli, Juliette-Andrea Elie, Harold Guerin, Julien Levesque, Claire Nicolet and Sandrine Rondard, December 2019
- Dream of a darkroomGilles Desrozier, April 2019
- Construction sets, Hervé Perdriel, December 2018

- In-between, Vincent Fillon, October 2017
- (De)Constructions, Hervé Perdriel, December 2016
- Babel, Thi-Tam PHAM, May 2016
- Clair-Obscur Passenger, Xavier DUMOULIN, Thierry BIGAIGNON, Vincent FILLON, December 2015


At SMITH D'ORIA, it seems essential and natural to offer our customers enhanced data protection that they entrust us with. Therefore, we are committed to using the data of our customers only in their interest, not to sell their data, and to be completely transparent about their use. Our ambition is to secure, protect and leave the control of their data to our customers. The firm can ensure compliance to GDPR to its customers.