Smith d’Oria

SMITH D’ORIA is born of the merger of SMITH VIOLET, an International Business Law practice and of UHRY & D’ORIA, a Real Estate and Public Law practice.

With 15 law practitioners, our development and the quality of our client base are the demonstration of the specific added value which is the result of the combination of 6 assets:

the 30 years of experience of our multilingual and multicultural “International Commerce” practice which is supported by a worldwide network of proven correspondents;

our long-term interaction with the property management divisions of major groups, with claims managers, asset managers and, generally, with all the professions of the real estate activity;

a specialist team covering Labour and Employment, Social Relations and Social Welfare, conducted by a former Human Resources Director;

our competence in Public Law and Public Affairs which is of specific interest in the constant interface with public authorities which is present in the French environment;

a valuable track record in insolvency conditions, for the defence of creditors rights as well as for the turnaround of distressed businesses;

a specific expertise in Climate Change governance.